Friday, May 11, 2012

Yearly eye doctor visit

On Wednesday the older two and myself had our yearly Optometrist appointment. In the past, before we moved to Fort Polk, I used to loath going to the eye doctor. It was not everything about the eye exam that I did not like, it was just the machine that blows the air into your eyes.

 Getting set up for the first eye is not to bad, but once that blast of air hits your eye and the stream of tears starts to flow, trying to get situated for the second eye is nearly impossible for me. So much so that I have actually been sent back out into the waiting room so that the assistant could move on to the next patient, since I was not able to get into the " right frame of mind" to get the second eye air blast completed.

But, now I actually look forward to going to the Optometrist. Thomas Vision Center is the place that we go to here in Louisiana, and I love it. The center is sheek, the staff is courteous and friendly and the equipment is very modern ( which means no air in the eye ). I love how they make you feel welcome from the moment you walk in and are ready to answer any questions you might have and how they are able to explain things to you in a way that you can understand. But, most of all, I love how they treat my children.

Making then feel comfortable, welcome and most importantly at ease with the whole experience. There is even a little room set up with toys, books, a t.v., and pillows. How the staff  takes their time to explain each step of the exam process, making sure that no matter what age the kids are, that they understand what is being done and what to expect.
And for this reason alone I will miss this place when we leave/PCS from Fort Polk ( when ever that maybe).
Gabriel and Ian in the kids waiting area
Me and Sasha waiting ; By G.I. Joe
the boys playing; by G.I. Joe
Gabriel after dilation; by G.I.Joe
Sasha after dilation; by G.I.Joe
The results were much better than I thought for all 3 of us, and Sasha still is the only one in the family who does not need glass ( at this time :0).

After the Optometrist G.I.Joe decided to treat us all to a slush from Sonic, Yum!

Sasha and Gabriel showing off the sun glasses they got from the eye doctor
Ian sleeping 
the kids enjoying their drinks and the popcorn chicken they begged for :)

Sonic drinks and popcorn chicken, what a great way to start your day.

Thanks, G.I.Joe :)

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