Friday, May 11, 2012

Our "home room"

Today was a very dreary day outside. Which made for no motivation when it came time for sitting down to do school work. On days like these I really just want to stay in my bed with my Nook , all snug and warm with no cares in the world except what to choose to read. BUT, given that I am responsible for the education of my brood, I can not . So I had to take it to the next level and find ways to motivate the kids and myself today.
And this is what I came up with...

our home room today

Gabriel and Sasha
At first the kids wanted to work together, but after about 30 mins. Sasha decided she needed some space :) ( hmmm I wonder if she got the smothered feeling, which I know nothing about for course ; -)
Sasha and her Math
So while Sasha was busy with her book work, Gabriel got to work on his Math, Science and baking skills.
By making home made GF chocolate chip cookies.


licking the beaters is a necessity, of course !!
the finished product
Ian  after his cookies
After Gabriel was done making cookies and Sasha her book work, it was time for them to switch places.
My little scholar
always time to stop and smile for the camera
And when it was Gabriel's turn under the tent , it was Sasha's time to work on Science and her baking skills, and her choice was to make home made GF white bread.
My future baker
Sasha enjoying the fruits of her labor
Being home schoolers does not mean that we are always motivated to get our work done, it just means that some days we get to be more creative in how we go about getting our work completed for the day :)

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