Sunday, May 20, 2012

My 4 hour mini vacation

Our internet issues have FINALLY been fixed, after a week of having no internet tho. I never realized how much our family used the computer everyday, till we were not able to. Kind of a little scary :0)

So I am back..... and hopefully here to stay.

This year Mother's Day was not the greatest of days for me, as far as days go. Not only was I sick, but so were Sasha, Gabriel and Ian, which in my book is a horrible day any time.

Because of that, we really did not celebrate the day in any sort of special way. It was just easier to treat it like any other Sunday, except with sick kids, and then there was not the added stress of trying to make Mom feel "special" while she is wiping runny noses and giving lots of hugs.

And I was VERY on board with this, and no hurt feelings , on my part. But, G.I. Joe was not and did a superb job of NOT telling me.

So imagine my surprise when he came home and presented me with a gift card for a 4 hour mini spa day at the French Quarters Salon and Spa.

Talk about HEAVEN!!!!
For ME!!???? 
on my way to the spa

I'm here!!!! 

the front 

the waiting area

my massage room 

stairs leading up to the second level

my facial room

where I had my mani and pedi

my feet :0)

and me, After my mini vacation

The staff were all so nice and very helpful and understood my need for silence at times and my need to have "adult" conversation too.
I really enjoyed myself and left feeling so relaxed and refreshed and ready to face the world, aka my Army life.

Thank you G.I.Joe, you knew just what I needed and are the best husband in the world.

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