Monday, May 21, 2012

A change of flour

 So when I went GF, do to health reasons, in March I kept reading about all these different types of flour that other GF people were using to bake with. Like Tapioca flour, Almond flour, Garbanzo Bean flour, Rice flour and the list goes on and on.
It is really amazing how many types of GF flours are out there, mind boggling :)

I ended up spending almost a week searching for all the different types of flours that were being mentioned in the different blogs that I read .

In the end I chose to buy mine from , this is a great company that has been in busy for EVER and is family ran and owned. They have a really good selection of GF flours and other assortment of GF items too.
Along with candy, fruit, pasta and other gluten filled items too.

the flours I bought

I use these flours to make GF bread and other GF items that require flour and have not had any problems with the taste and texture once. My only complaint would be the fact that when baking it is a hassle to mess with different flours each time and it can be confusing at times when it comes to measuring or trying to substitute one flour for another if I happen to run out.

Then my eyes were opened to an all purpose GF flour that one of my favorite bloggers, Nicole, at  talks about, in her blog and book, called betterbatter.
This is a pre-mixed all purpose GF that takes the place of all the flours that I have and it also includes xantham gum, the binding agent that GF flours needs to act like a gluten filled flour.
And the best part of this is, it's one bag instead of 3-4 bags. Talk about baking utopia!!

So I went ahead and bought 2 5lb bags of betterbatter and went to baking "town"
my pretty pink boxes

I made the sandwich bread using the recipe in Nicole's book with the betterbatter flour and WOW!! It was amazing. The smell,  taste and the texture were just like the gluten filled bread I was used to making.

bread made with better batter flour


Needless to say I am hooked. No more multiple bags of flour for the girl. No sir!!
I am officially a batterbatter converter :)

And I owe it all to Nicole :0).

Nicole's book 

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