Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bread, Bread, Bread

When I sat down to wright this post all I kept thinking about was the theme song from the show Two and a Half Men, it's a very catchy ear worm, hence the title :)

First a little background, I LOVE BREAD!!! Any and all types of bread, you "bake" it and I will eat it.
Hot, fresh from the oven, soft, butter melting BREAD!!! ( wiping up my drool now)

But, since going GF in March I have not been able to find a GF bread that I like. They are either to dry, to stale tasting, to smelly or just gross to me. The cost of a loaf is another factor. At the commissary, here on Fort Polk, I can purchase a loaf of GF sandwich bread for $3.99, the same for GF hamburger buns, which to me is down right ridiculous even with the 30% savings I get from shopping at the commissary.
And because of the taste and cost I have stayed away from bread, using either a corn tortilla or no bread at all.

Till yesterday.

Yesterday I decided I was going to try my hand at baking some GF bread. I found a few recipes that sounded great, but each one had some ingredient that sounded interesting, to say the least. So I took one and altered it to make the recipe more like the traditional gluten white bread I was used to making; a little xanthan gum, more liquid, more egg, 1% milk instead of skim and WOW!! Is all that I can say.

my blended batter

before the rise
after the rise ( GF dough does not rise like traditional gluten dough)
straight out of the oven ( so light and brown )
look how pretty ( to bad this is not scratch and sniff)
look how the butter just melts

I was very pleased with how it all turned out. The taste, smell and texture where just like a normal gluten bread, which is a major plus for me and my family.
 And now I know that I  don't have to be bread free just because I am GF.

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