Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2 more for dinner

On Sunday we decided to invite two of G.I Joe's soldiers over to grill and just hang out while we enjoy the nice weather that has come to Fort Polk.

He uses this time to bond with his soldiers and to also strengthen the platoon . Normally he would have all 7 of them over , but everyone else was either working or had plans already. ( which was fine with me since I like these two the best :))

Marcum and Cawley hanging with Gabriel

G.I. Joe manning the grill

G.I.Joe cooked up some turkey burgers, chicken, bratwurst, and corn on the cob. We also had some homemade potato salad, home made mac and cheese and fresh watermelon. YUM!!!

is it done yet???   

the secret "sauce"
We actually made enough food to feed an Army LOL! ( could not resist ). Well at least enough for dinner on Monday, after Sasha's softball game and for lunch for G.I.Joe today.
my plate
After dinner the guys went out back to have a beer and talk "guy" talk while I cleaned up the kitchen and made milk shakes and Dr.Pepper floats, which I forgot to take pictures of, sorry.
male bonding
In the end it was a great way to end our weekend and start our week.

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