Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kitchen Gadget Confessions

I am a kitchen gadget hoarder!! There I said it, now I guess I can move on with the next step in my therapy :0)

I came to this realization yesterday as I was trying to find a place to store the deep fryer that I got G.I. Joe for our anniversary.

the deep fryer

Which was no small task, since every place that I would normally store a kitchen gadget was already occupied with another gadget.

As I was searching Sasha decided she wanted to count the number of gadgets that I have; I have 11!
Yes, I said "11".
the electric juicer

11 gadgets that I am sure I NEEDED when I bought them or that I just HAD TO HAVE when I asked for them for whatever holiday I received the gadget on.
the crockpot

And do I use every single one at least once a week or ,heck, even once a month, NOPE.
 the manual 4 pc grater

I have gadgets that I did not even know I had and if I did know at one point I sure don't know now.
( know what I am saying :0)

the baby food maker

So after seeing how many gadgets that I had I set out to either sell or donate the ones that I really could do with out and keep the ones that I know I will use or that can do double duty.

I did not get very far.
the food processor ( with food in it )

As I was weeding through them I kept thinking about how this gadget works well for this recipe and this one for that recipe and on and on it went. Until I gave up and decided to ask G.I.Joe for his thoughts on which kitchen gadgets he thought we could live without, needless to say he looked at me and went right back to playing the XBox without ever saying a word.
the blender

So I still have 11 kitchen gadgets and probably will till one of them finally breaks down, at which time I will either replace it or figure that my life is okay with out having that particular kitchen gadget in it.
the magic bullet
Untill then, if you ever find yourself in my neighborhood feel free to stop by for a cup of coffee, some GF coffee cake and to see about borrowing one of my 11 kitchen gadgets.


the hand mixer

the bread maker and the bread storage container

and the ice cream maker

yes, you counted correctly there are 11 pictures :0)


  1. Oh, man - I hear you on the space concerns. I moved in to a smaller kitchen and need to purge some appliances! Then instead I bought an egg cooker. Fortunately I use the egg cooker, but I should try your idea of lending out the other things!

  2. Gina,
    What is an egg cooker? I wonder if I NEED one :)
    Unfortunately being the military we never get to choose the size of our kitchens when we move. Some houses of really good sized kitchens,like the one I have now, or they have a really tiny one. It's all in the luck of the draw each time we move.
    LOL!! I will let you know how my lending works out for me .