Friday, June 29, 2012

Banana pancakes and school

Yesterday I woke up STARVING and SORE as all can be.
I think that my body is trying to revolt or maybe that is just me wishing that it would so that I could just stay in side and not work out, either way I am not going to fall for it. But man I am still sore :/.

When I came down stairs I was really wanting something with bananas, but nothing sounded good nor was there anything simple and quick that came to mind.

So I left the breakfast for later, made my iced coffee and moved on with my day. About an hour later I thought it might be a  good time to eat before I passed out .

After looking around I decided to make a quick breakfast pancake just for uno, ME, using 3 items that I LOVE TO EAT any time of the day, bananas , eggs and PB, YUM!!!!

my ingredients

After I mashed up the banana really good I added the PB and the egg and mixed , then poured the "batter" into a frying pan and cooked just like a regular pancake, over medium heat, till it was done.

my banana pancake batter
it's ready

After it was finished cooking I topped it with another good scoop of PB and fresh strawberries, and dug in!!!!
It was very filling and the taste and texture were pleasing.
(I did notice as I was cooking it that it was not wanting to come together as I thought it should and I could not figure out why, until I posted the pix of the ingredients, my egg was to small. I used a really good size banana , but a regular size egg instead of a L or Jumbo egg. Duh, me :)

After I ate and cleaned up it was time for school work, yes we do school work during the summer off and on, the kids even managed to convince me to let them open and use some new school items that I had already purchased for our upcoming school year, which were a HUGE success.

(  It was funny to see how serious the kids were and so I decided to mess with them and take pictures :)

Gabriel doing his Bible studies with his new crayons

Sasha working on English with her new pencils and thinking putty
The rest of the day was spent running food and drinks to GI Joe, who was on CQ for 24 hours, running errands and cleaning house :).

My workout, which I did when Ian was down for his nap, was Chalean Extreme Lean 2 dvd ( weight lifting) and Extreme abs dvd.

I am already noticing that my appetite is starting to pick up and that I am finding my self hungry about 3-4 hours after I eat and that I am downing water more than I normally would.

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