Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What did you eat growing up?

As we were sitting around yesterday listening to Sasha tell us that there is "nothing to eat in the house!!", when the pantry and frig are filled to the brim with food, just not stuff she WANTED to eat at that time, got me thinking about foods that I ate growing up that I don't buy for our kids.

Which lead to  G.I.Joe and I talking about things we ate as a kid and how our parents did not have all the resources and knowledge available to them, like we do today, to help them make better informed choices about which foods are GREAT for you, which ones are okay to eat, but in MODERATION and which foods you need to really just STAY CLEAR OF all together.

And how even if they did have all the info readily available to them, that our parents would still have shopped the same way that that did, since that is how they were raised and " if it was good enough for me, then it is good enough for you" was often a saying that was tossed around like a hot potato.

 As well as some times it boiled down to money. Since both of us came from single parent families, money was often tight or spent in other areas, and so it was shopping on a budget and that meant buying the cheaper brand items which also translated into the " fattiest" items.

So I decided to make a short and combined list of a few items that we thought of.

And I must say, I am surprise that I am a healthy person today, well as healthy as one can be with UC and Gluten Sensitivity,  given all the fat, sugar and processed foods that I ate growing up.

But, at least now I am armed with knowledge that helps me make informed choices for my kiddos, that hopefully they will continue with as they grow into adulthood and have their own children.

boxed mac and cheese
white bread
whole milk
sunny D
different brands of surgery cereal
ding dongs
regular ground beef ( the kind with ALL the fat , not 80/20 or 93/7)
 canned corn, green beans and peas only
whole fat cheese
no fruit
hot dogs ( the original all beef )
 whole fat mayo ( the only kind you could buy)
whole fat butter ( the only kind you could buy)
regular potato chips ( full fat style)

from my fridge
what we ate growing up:


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