Thursday, June 21, 2012

New recipe day

I had to take the van to the dealership this morning to have the BCM, that was just replaced, looked at, my van has been acting funny again and not wanting to start like it should.

So since the kids and I were going to be stuck at the house most of the day, or at least till the dealership called , I decided that I would try out a new recipe for GF and DF banana chocolate chip bread  that I found a few weeks ago by glutenfreegoddess , one of the blogs I follow.

( it was either that or clean and do laundry, and well, I prefer baking over cleaning and laundry any day :)

Bananas are a staple fruit in our house. I buy them as often as I buy milk, which is once a week.
I like how versatile they are and how I can just pluck one from the bunch and toss it in my purse for a quick on the go snack for myself and the kids.

But, what I don't like is how they tend to turn brown so fast at certain times, if we don't eat then quick enough, especially during the summer months.
Which means during the summer I tend to do more baking with bananas, then I do during other times of the year.

my ripe bananas

The original recipe called for the bread to be corn and egg free as well, but since I did not have lite olive oil, nor do I like the taste of olive oil when I bake, I used canola oil and I also used cornstarch. I did not add any eggs , just because I did not want to, and I only had 2 bananas instead of the 3 that were called for.

all my ingredients

my helper
Normally when I bake GF I use my mixer, but since I did not need to use that much flour I was able to do it all by hand, well okay more like I used Sasha power :) ( that's what kids are for, right???)

my muscle
And it never fails every time I go to bake or cook Ian likes to take all my dirty measuring cups and play with them. I find it funny and cute, especially since he thinks he is being sly and that no one sees him take the stuff off the counter. ( I hope this is not his future profession, if so he is in for a long "stay" some place not so nice)

my thief
they make great teethers, too

my super cute bread pan my BFF Andrea gave me for Christmas
my bread dough ( tasted good too ;)
By the time it was ready to go into the pan and the oven Sasha was sore so I got to put it in the pan.
(I like how I go to bake and the all flock to the kitchen to help, at times it drives me insane, but I just have to remind myself, it is times like these that I will miss the most when they have all left the "nest". )

in the pan and the oven
Ian waiting for the bread to bake
fresh from the oven, and smelling so GOOD
want a slice???

I have to admit, to date, this has been the BEST tasting banana bread I have ever made, whether GF or not.
Even Gabriel asked for seconds and he normally is a one slice type of guy.

This I will be adding to my 'little green book" of recipes and will be making again for sure, with maybe just a few more chocolate chips added to the mix ( for Sasha of course ;0).

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