Friday, June 8, 2012

And we are off...

Well Friday has finally gotten here, YAY!!

I am very excited, the younger two and myself are headed to Tx, Mansfield to be exact, for a nice week long, vacation with family and friends, on 480 acres in the middle of nowhere, while Sasha is staying behind to be with G.I.Joe.

I LOVE going home , even if it is for only a week. The food, the HEAT, minus the HUMIDITY, the stores, the sites, CHURCH and catching up with family and friends. Are all things I look forward to when we get a chance to go back to Tx.

I hope to come back with some great pictures and some even better stories.

Plus maybe a little peak at the city we are considering moving to when G.I.Joe gets out of the Army to go to school.

So I will see you in a week. Enjoy :))

our suitcases
Gabriel getting ready
Ian "reading" and waiting for me to dress him
Me still packing

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