Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Phone calls, hair cuts and GF Moneky Bread Saturday

It was a very rough start to my Saturday morning. GI Joe received a phone call from one of his soldiers, at 0630, needing him to come "rescue" him from the side of the road, somewhere between here and I10.

It aggravated the heck out of me and so I was not so "nice" to GI Joe as he was getting dressed and he left without saying goodbye :(.

About 30m later I sent him a text apologizing to him for being a "not so nice" wife.
( one of the things I love about GI Joe is that he is always there for you and would give you his last dollar and the shirt off his back even if it left him hungry and cold. and I lost site of that at 0630)

After I sent the text to GI Joe I tried to go back to sleep, but just ended up laying there for another 20m, so I decided I would take full advantage of the fact that all 3 of the kids were still asleep and get my work out in for the day.

Gabriel woke up about 10 min into my 45m Turbo Fire workout and then Ian when I had 20m left.
Which made the last 20 very interesting and take a little longer than 20m :o)

During this past week Gabriel had been asking for monkey bread, one of his favs, and I had been having a hard time during the week blocking of time to make it for him, so after my workout I set about doing just that.
Using this  recipe for  Gf monkey bread

the ingredients
Both the kids and myself used to eat monkey bread, store bought kind, at least once a week,
before I found out that I had gluten sensitivity. We have not had it in some time.

(This morning no one was "eager" to help Mom out in the kitchen, so it was all up to me :).

Gabriel playing on my Nook
Sasha sleeping
and Ian was alternating between watching baby first tv


and playing in the kitchen.
I had never made monkey bread from scratch before, so I was very worried about how the taste and texture would "measure up" to gluten filled monkey bread, which in turn made my progress v e r y s l o w.

the batter
After the batter was finished, I got to make 36 dough balls, ALONE!! ( yay! me !)

and yes, there are 36
After I was done rolling all the dough balls, they had to sit for an hour, so I choose this time to do other things around the house and get myself some breakfast.

after the rise
Then came the drudging part: first in melted butter, then the topping mixture and lastly into the pan

the assembly line
all ready for the oven
By the time I was ready to put the monkey bread into the oven, GI Joe was already home and so we decided it would be a good time to cut Gabriel's hair. So I watched and he cut :)

Ian watched too
a closer shot
GI Joe actually learned to cut hair while he was deployed to Afghanistan, for a year, on his men , since they were no where near a barber.
my "beast", he is so hairy
He, I mean we :), actually finished cutting Gabriel's hair right when the monkey bread was finished baking.

right out of the oven
Talk about your perfect timing.
my clean cut little boy
( he humors me with the taking of pictures, as you can see)

and onto the plate
I must say this was really, really good. We ate a little over half of the ring and probably would have eaten it all if I had not reminded the kids and myself that we would not have any for tomorrow if we eat it all today.

Next time, and there will be a next time I am sure, I will definitely be using Sasha and Gabriel "power" to make the 36 dough balls, while I sit and drink my coffee :)

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