Friday, July 20, 2012

Quick sandwich bread and NOT so quick repairs

Sometimes living a GF life is not as easy as it would be to live a "normal' life. A life where I could eat all the pasta, bread, cereal, Chinese, Mexican and any of  the other foods in life that I adore.

 Or where I could just go to the store and pick up a loaf of sandwich bread, or any bread for that matter, and be on my merry way home to sit down to a sandwich of my choosing with pretzels and a not so small glass of home made iced tea.

But, I can't or more like I shouldn't and so I make the breads that my family and I eat from scratch . Which takes time, time that I don't always have nor time that I don't always want to give up to stand in the kitchen, where it gets really, really HOT no matter if I bring in a fan when I bake ANOTHER loaf of bread or a dozen muffins or what ever my family happens to be out of or will be needing.

But, if we want bread , well if I want bread :), then I have no choice and time is just one of the many things that you learn to give up when you do your best to lead a GF life.

So Wednesday after I dropped  my van off at the dealer FOR. THE. THIRD. TIME. , in hopes that it would FINALLY get fixed, and after the internet tech came and fixed our internet, which we had been with out for 5 days, for the second time. I sat down at my computer to see if I could find a few recipes for GF sandwich bread that I could bake in no time flat.

One that I would not have to spend a good 30 min. mixing all the ingredients together, then wait 45m-1hr. for it to rise AND then bake for 1hr. before we had hot, steaming, fresh bread that we could make chicken salad sandwiches or even pb&j sandwiches.

AND I FOUND ONE!! Well a few to be exact.

I chose to give this one a try, it is by Nicole from gluten free on a

all my ingredients

I actually use her recipes a good deal, to either bake or to even get ideas on how to alter gluten filled recipes so that I can enjoy the things that I like to eat again  I like how she gives really good step by step instructions with her recipes.

my pretty egg whites
I also enjoy her sense of humor :0). Or how she will take the time to help a person find ways to "tweak" her recipes to meet their health needs or even just a personal baking preference.

ready for the oven

 And how she connects with the people who read her blog on a personal level, taking the time to answer questions or even to reply to some off the wall comment. :0)

almost forgot my tent
my finished product :)

 Over all I liked this bread. It had good texture and taste and it held up well to my chicken salad and when I used it for sub night and the process was just like the name says, quick, but it was missing something.
I can not explain what, but something.
I will make this again, but it will be more of my go to bread when I am needing to make a loaf a bread in a short time frame.

As I was making this loaf and helping the kids with there school work and all the other things that I had to do,  I was waiting for the dealer to call me about my van, which they had had since 8am, and I finally received "the call" at 4pm saying that they had to order another part for it, which would not be in till Monday, and that they would be sending their driver to pick me up so I could come get my van.

The driver FINALLY showed up at 5:15pm and I still have a broke van, but I have a go to bread when I am in a time crunch.

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