Friday, April 20, 2012

It's been a LONG time

Some where in the last few months I have lost time. Time for my blog, time for a a great book, time for a pedi, time for baking, time to work out and well, you get it, just plan time.
I started this blog with great intentions and it seems that some where along the way, in my BUSY life, I have let it go by the way side, along with other things that I enjoy.

But, now I am more determined than ever to make "time" for the things that I enjoy and that I really want to do.
 All hanks to a conversation that I had with My Joe, which I will not be sharing, that got me thinking and taking stock in my daily life about what is important to me and what is not really so important.

And with that being said I am BACK and here to STAY.
So look for more blogging to come, because there have been some good and some bad changes since I was on here last.


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