Monday, April 30, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Saturday was a VERY busy day for us all. There was Tball, softball practice, lunch out as a family, playing family "softball ", naps, and a quick trip to the commissary to gather the items needed for dinner and FINALLY a family movie and then BED!!!

So on Sunday when I woke up at 6:15 a.m. I decided that it was going to be a lazy day for us all. Which was short lived.

Gabriel decided he wanted to have pancakes for breakfast to go along with the eggs and maple sausage that G.I. Joe was making. And this simple request sent me on a quest to locate a recipe for GF pancakes that would be edible, this time.  I have only made pancakes twice since going GF and I was not very impressed with the taste or texture of either, and so have sort of shied away from making them. After almost an hour spent searching on line I had a HUGE DUH moment and went to one of my favorite blogger sites, Gluten Free on a Shoestring, came across this recipe for, pancakes-neat, and decided to give it a try. And man where they GREAT! I did up the amount of sugar to 4 TBS and added 6 tbsp of Vanilla to the batter and if  I had put them side by side with the tradional pancakes I used to make no one would be the wiser about them being GF.
Sasha watching G.I.Joe cooking

My GF pancakes-neat batter

they cooked up so pretty, all nice and brown
and so fluffy
must be good from the looks of the empty plates
After everyone recovered from their food coma's and the kitchen was squared away ( lovely Army term), the kids and G.I.Joe decided to go outback and have batting and pitching practice, while I tackled the loveseat and the mound of clothes that had piled up .
Next time he can fold and i will play with kids  

I confess me folding clothes lasted for about all of 10min. It was more fun to go and look up dinner recipes for the up coming two weeks, at least to me. :)
After batting and pitching practice was over we all sat around watching movies and hanging out till dinner time, which was grilled turkey burgers, grilled corn on the cob, fruit salad, potato salad and iced tea.
Great way to end a great day.
G.I.Joe, Sasha and Gabriel
Even Dad is a big kid
Got to hot for the boys

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