Monday, April 23, 2012

Sense of security

Living on a military base/post can give you a sense of security that you would not get living just any place. I second it only to the White House. There are military police every where you turn, you are only permitted to enter if you hold an ID Card or if you can obtain a pass. The crime rate is low and you can leave your doors unlocked if you so choose, or forget to lock them as I do ALL the time when I am leaving the house totting a 14 month old and ushering a 12 and 5 yr old out the door.
 And you can even leave your house with the windows open, on the bottom floor, and return to find all your "worldly " possessions still in place or even go so far as to leave your car unlocked and still find your dvd  and cd player in tact.
Today I even took an hour and a half nap with all the windows open, the front and back door unlocked. I never would have dared do that in the civilian world.
You can let your kids run through the neighborhood after dark and not have to worry if your daughter will be in danger of if your son will be recruited.
Over all it is a great place to live and raise ones kids.

But, what no one seems to see is that this is a false sense of security. Sure from the outside looking in it looks great and to many of those who live on a military base you would not trade it for the world , but you only see what you are meant to see and nothing more.
No one ever tells you about the wife that gets beat up or even shot by her husband who reports it only to see it swept under the rug. Or how about the child who is approached, in a sexually threatening manner, by another child and when the parents try and report it to military personnel no one ones to hear about it or when the parent of that child goes into the surrounding community to try and get help they too want nothing to do with it. And the child that is abused by a parent, is then begged info forgiveness by that parent so that when the MP ( military police) arrive to " investigate " the call will lie there in bed pretending to sleep so that the parents will get away with it time and time again no matter how often the MPs are called out.
Or how about the homeless people that are on the base living in the wood line that no one seems to care much about until one of them kills a soldier in broad day light.

It is sad that any of this takes place at all, but what is even more sad is that these happenings are swept by the way side and that no one is ever warned about the potential dangers that are really happening around you like you would be if you were living in the civilian world.

Is there a fix for this who knows, would any one go for the fix if it was presented, I doubt it because we as humans find it easier to live like the ostrich with our heads stuck in the ground so that our sense of security will remain in tact for another day and because why should we when there is ALWAYS SOMEONE else to do it.

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