Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Morning already....again??

Happy Hump Day!!!

Last night #5 had a rough night sleeping , so of course that plays into how much sleep I do or, in this case, DO NOT get since I breastfeed. Needless to say I was not up for getting out of bed at 0600 with the alarm, 0650  just sounded SO much better.
I am beginning to think that mornings are coming so much faster now then what they did, say even a week ago.
At one time I used to look forward to the 0600 alarm, to be able to get up , drink some coffee and most important get my work out completed before the kids get up at 0700. Now I curse the person who invented alarms, think that exercising is becoming VERY overrated, and that if the kids can sleep well then so can I. :)

Maybe tomorrow I will have a different out look , but today I say hey GIVE ME SLEEP or GIVE ME SLEEP.

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