Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Welcome Fall, I think??

The weather here in Central Louisiana has been acting like a TEASE here lately. It has been playing with my inner child, offering me a brief glimpse of Autumn weather and then taking it away, and leaving me only wanting more.

 Showing me what it is like to leave your windows open all day, only to wake up at 0300 to close them because your freezing, but not quite to the point where you are ready to even consider putting the flannel sheets on the bed.
But, then making me close up the house the next day because of 90F temps.

It has planted the seed of Fall dressing in my head; jeans, scarfs, deck shoes, loafers or even Keds, and cute shirts that only the thought of FALL brings to mind.
Then it erases it just as fast when I have to pull a pair of shorts out of the drawer and reach for the ponytail holder to complete my "look" for the day.

But, the worst of it is the NEED to bake,and I am not talking about just any sort of baking , OH NO, but the FALL inspired baking.
The sort of baking that leaves your house smelling like an apple orchard, or a fresh pear or even a pumpkin patch in late afternoon when all the pumpkins have been sitting under that Autumn sun all day.

And it is this need that sent me to the internet yesterday in search of Fall inspired recipes only to come across this site recipegirl.com, where I found such recipes as;
pear and ginger muffins
baked pumpkin pie oatmeal
pumpkin coffee cake
apple cider brread
and a few others that I pinned last night as I was putting Ian to bed, that I will be revamping and baking , GF style, over the next few weeks ( and posting pix of course :)

So if FALL has been TEASING you , I say go WITH IT!!
Close up those windows, crank up the A/C, put on those jeans and BAKE till your heart is content and your house smells like FALL :)

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