Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pear and Ginger Muffins made GF style

After having posted about some Fall recipes that I had found and wanted to try , I found myself having some "free" time ( as if there is such a thing when you have a 20m old and homeschool two older kiddos :) and so I decided that I would try my hand at giving a gluten filled recipe a GF "face lift". :0)

There are so many recipes that Lori , from, has posted on her site that it was REALLY hard for me to choose just ONE and not stay in my kitchen ALL day long and bake, but I did finally decided on one recipe and it was;

 Pear and Ginger Muffins

The recipe was really well written and the direction were SUPER EASY to follow and the best part is that I already had everything I need so there was no last minute trip to the commissary for missing "items".

the ingredients  

The best part about baking for me is that no matter what I am making there is always someone in the house that is willing to lend a helping hand and this time it was Sasha.
my "helper" of the day
Once Sasha was finished cutting up the pears , I was able to take over the counter and "get to" mixing.
There really weren't to many ingredients that I needed to alter to make this GF, other an I used an AP GF flour, 3 eggs and 2 TBS of honey, everything else I was able to follow the recipe to a T.
my wet and dry bowls
As an after thought, after the wet and dry ingredients were combined, I decided to toss in a cup full of chocolate chips.
my after thought
all mixed and ready for the muffin pan
I could not find all my re-useable muffin liners, so I went "bare" when baking these.
I also have been reading a lot about "real" foods here lately so I decided I wanted to try topping one batch with raw cane sugar and the other with the brown sugar the recipe called for.
first batch ready for the oven
( I accidentally deleted the picture of the 1st batch fresh from the oven :( But, let me assure you it was a pretty light golden brown color and tasted yummy.

second batch ready for baking
The second batch , which had the brown sugar, came out all nice and caramel brown looking on top, but there was a just a hint of a sweeter taste to the top than the batch with the cane sugar.

second batch fresh from the oven

Over all I was greatly impressed with both batches. I liked, okay more like loved, both equally.
And the added chocolate chips just enhanced the flavor of the pears in a very nice way.

Can not wait to make these again, and they actually freeze very well and taste just as good 4 days later. ;-)

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